The 1st International Workshop and Prize Challenge on

Agriculture-Vision: Challenges & Opportunities for Computer Vision in Agriculture

in conjunction with IEEE/CVF CVPR 2020

Invited Speakers & Panelists

Ranveer Chandra

Chief Scientist, Microsoft Azure Global

Sudipta Sinha

Principal ResearcherMicrosoft

Sharath Pankanti

Principal Research Staff Member IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Liangliang Cao

Staff Research Scientist & ManagerGoogle Research

Munther Dahleh

Director, Institute of Data, Systems & SocietyMIT

Ed Delp

Professor, ECEPurdue

Melba Crawford

Professor, AgronomyPurdue

Jennifer Hobbs

Director of Machine LearningIntelinair Inc.

Yunchao Wei

Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Technology Sydney

Alexander Schwing

Assistant Professor, ECEUIUC

Stefano Ermon

Assistant ProfessorStanford

Zsolt Kira

Assistant Professor Georgia Tech

David Wilson

Vp of EngineeringIntelinair Inc.

Jim Yuan

Head of Engineering Computational Agriculture @ Google X


Humphrey Shi

Assistant Professor, CSUniversity of Oregon

Naira Hovakimyan

Professor, MSEUIUC

Adrian Tudor

Chief Product OfficerIntelinair Inc.

Zhen Li

Tech Lead ManagerGoogle Research

Thomas S. Huang

Professor, ECEUIUC

Robert E. Paull

Professor, AgricultureUniversity of Hawaii

Xingqian Xu

PhD student, ECEUIUC (Challenge Co-Lead)

Mang Tik Chiu

PhD student, ECEUIUC (Challenge Co-Lead)


Intelinair Inc.


University of Oregon