The 3nd International Workshop and Prize Challenge on

Agriculture-Vision: Challenges & Opportunities for Computer Vision in Agriculture

in conjunction with IEEE/CVF CVPR 2022

- We will release our Call for Papers and instruction for Prize Challenges, please stay tuned!

Invited Speakers & Panelists

The list of speakers and panelists will be updated here.


Jennifer Hobbs

Director of Machine LearningIntelinair Inc.

Naira Hovakimyan

Professor, MSEUIUC

Humphrey Shi

Assistant Professor, CSUniversity of Oregon

Hannah Kerner

Assistant Research ProfessorUniversity of Maryland

Melba Crawford

Professor, AgronomyPurdue

Ed Delp

Professor, ECEPurdue

Ranveer Chandra

CTO, Microsoft Agri-Food

Kai Wang

PhD student,CISUniversity of Oregon(Challenge Co-Lead)

Najmul Hassan

PhD student,CISUniversity of Oregon(Challenge Co-Lead)


Intelinair Inc.

U of Oregon