About workshop papers

Q: What is the template for the paper submission?

A: We use the same template as the CVPR 2020 main conference, the details can be found here. All submitted papers must have a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 8 pages, excluding references.

Q: If I want to submit a paper for the challenge, do I need to submit both the paper and the challenge results at the same time?

A: Participants who wish to submit a paper with novel methods for the challenge should submit it by the paper submission deadline. Results can still be updated in the paper before the final camera-ready deadline if the paper is accepted by the workshop.

About The challenge

Q: How do we submit our results? How many attempts do we have?

A: Challenge participants must submit their results to the competition page on Codalab. Each team is allowed 2 submissions per day, and 20 submissions in total. Please refer to our price challenge page for detailed instructions.

Q: Do we need to submit a report for the challenge?

A: Challenge participants must include a report in their final submissions. Final submissions without the report will not be considered for the prize. Please refer to our price challenge page for detailed instructions.

Q: Will there be a public leaderboard?

A: A public leaderboard is hosted on our Codalab competition page. Participants can refer to the leaderboard there for performance comparison. You can find more information in the prize challenge page.

Q: Can the challenge submission results be different than the ones mentioned in the paper submission?

A: Yes, we allow submissions with different/improved results after the paper submission deadline.

Q: Will the top performing models be published in the workshop?

A: Workshop publications are selected from paper submissions. Participants of this challenge are highly encouraged to also submit a paper to the workshop before the paper deadline (3/22). Top performing models without paper submissions will only be considered for the prize challenge.

Note that we may include descriptions of top performing models (with or without paper submissions) in a challenge paper that we plan to publish. The challenge paper is intended to summarize the methods and results for the challenge.

Q: How are the top performing models evaluated and ranked?

A: We have updated our ranking standards, where we now only evaluate model performances based on the modified mIoU. We select top 3 models with the highest modified mIoU to be the winners of the challenge.

Q: Can I change my team members?

A: Changing team members is allowed as long as the change does not violate the current submission policy. Please submit a request through email, and include the information of all new members as well as the reason for the change. Please contact us if you have any questions.